Your Own Mobile App

  1. -Branded QR code-reading app designed to empower and engage customers

  2. -For iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smartphone operating systems 

  3. -Basic functions include

  4. -Secure account creation/login (to capture user info and enable users to revisit scan history online)

  5. -Reliable QR code scanning

  6. -In-app scan history log

  7. -In-app social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, email

  8. -“Request more information” - auto-email for direct interaction

  9. -Custom features...you name it!

Admin Dashboard

  1. -Password-protected portal on a branded website for authorized company users

  2. - Create codes and manage your program

  3. -simple QR code generation

  4. -QR code inventory management

  5. -Track real-time activity, review helpful data, generate reports

  6. -Specific activity by user, code, date, even zip code, etc

  7. -Access to user contact information

  8. -Track trends and helpful data

  9. -Custom reporting...you name it!

  10. -Ongoing support and service to ensure you get the most out of your QRHere system

Consumer Dashboard

  1. -Secure dashboard on a branded website for consumers to revisit scan histories

  2. - Convenient access to scans captured 

  3.   on the smartphone

  4. -Roomier viewing of content and images

  5. -Opportunity to download or bookmark information to primary computer

  6. -More chances to interact with details and make informed purchasing decisions

  7. -On-screen social sharing

  8. -Share by a vast array of social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and beyond

The QRHere System...

        Empower customers

        Build relationships

        Measure results

                                                                   ...Easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Here’s what you get:



Wondering about cost?

QRHere for:


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QRHere for:






irene@qrhere.biz          (615) 292-0899

The QRHere System


  1. -Advice and counsel to create custom strategies for the best use of QR codes for your business


  1. -Practical assistance and technical guidance to help you efficiently implement and maintain your program


  1. -Customer service on the ready, any day of the week, for peace of mind

An Advanced QR Code Technology System