Top 3 reasons to

choose QRHere’s advanced technology

QRHere takes QR codes—and

your business—to a new level.

  1. BulletCustom mobile app with special features; connects to online dashboard so scans can be revisited anytime

  2. BulletAdmin portal for creating and tracking all your codes

  3. BulletConsumer dashboard to let your customers revisit their scan histories with ease

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An Advanced QR Code Technology System



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Quick Response codes

enhance physical things with

digital content. Imagine the possibilities and learn to put

QR codes to work for you.

  1. BulletWATCH: Our “QR Code 101”       insights to get started

  2. BulletDISCOVER how QR Codes are used effectively in the digital | social | mobile marketplace.

  3. BulletRECEIVE expert tips and ideas


Customized QR code technology solutions

for your business

QRHere offers expertise to blend QR code usage into overall marketing goals for your business.

  1. BulletIndustry-specific QR code programs to ensure best results for the short and long term

  2. BulletTargeted. trackable ideas for your business, including custom features and reporting

  3. BulletCustomer Relationship Management Tools for your biz


QRHere loves agencies, marketing firms and industry partners

QRHere helps agencies offer seamless QR code programs that are highly measureable.

  1. BulletWhite label apps and interfaces let agencies brand themselves as mobile solutions providers

  2. BulletOngoing strategy and support helps agencies lead clients in the right directions

  3. BulletQR code programs offer an excellent revenue stream


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Advanced QR Code Technology That’s Turnkey, Customizable and Ready to Track Your Customers by Name & Interest